branks torture device

I is for Iron Chair

The Iron Chair is a chair where the victim is strapped into a metal chair, and slowly are pushed towards a blazing fire. In other forms, the victim is strapped down to strips and plates of brass and slowly lowered onto a fire.

J is for Judah's Chair

Judah's Chair, other known as Judah's Cradle, is a chair that is pointed at the top with a metal strap to hold a victim in. A victim is seated on this chair and is strapped in. Their muscles are constricted, causing sleep deprivation.

K is for Kneecapping

Kneecapping is a criminal form of torture where the victim is tied down and a gun is held to their knees. A bullet is shot into the knee at a low velocity and is extremely painful. Kneecapping is also used in the wrist joint and the shoulder socket.

M is for Mutilation

Mutilation is the the act of losing a body member and not being able to function losing a member of the body or not being able to use a limb. Victims would be tied up, and the usual punishment would be to sever the hand from the wrist slowly.

O is for Oxygen Deprivation

Compressive Asphyxia is other known as chest compression. It mechanically limits the the expansion of the lungs, due to compressing the torso. The victim is put through Traumatic Compressive Asphyxia, other known as "crush asphyxia", in which the lungs are compressed by a large weight or force. The victim is usually pressed with stones or wood and usually results in weight.

P is for Pitchcapping

Pitchcapping is a form of torture where pitch, or tar, is poured into a paper "cap" and placed onto a part of the victim's body, and is left to dry. After the pitch or tar has dried, it is torn from the body, tearing off some of the victim's skin and tissue.

R is for Rat Torture

Rat Torture is a form of torture where a victim is trapped and rats are encouraged to eat the victim alive. One famous dungeon of rats is the Rats Dungeon in the Tower of London. It was encouraged by Roman Catholic writers in the Elizabethan Era. The dungeon would be underwater, dark, and cold. These temperatures would encourage the rats to come to the dungeon and then eat the victim alive.

S is for Sawing

Death by sawing is a form of torture where a victim is tied, upside down by the feet, and sawed in half from the pelvis down.

T is for Thumbscrew

Thumbscrewing is a form of torture where a victim's thumbs, or other fingers, are put into a thumbscrew, and their fingers are crushed. Occasionally, the victim's big toes are put in the thumbscrew and are crushed as well.

W is for Waterboarding

Type Description
Physical Abacination, Boiling, Cutting, Denailing, Exposure, Foot Roasting, Glasgow Smile, Hamstringing, Iron Chair, Judah's Chair (Judah's Cradle), Kneecapping, MUtilation, Oxygen Deprivation, Pitchcapping, Rat Torture, Sawing, Thumbscrewing, Waterboarding.
Psychological Sensory Deprivation, Sensory Overload, Sleep Deprivation, White Room Torture.